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We Cannot Give Up! We must persevere in prayer for USA!

After midnight on October 19th, I had a significant dream about our nation. I dreamt that I was part of a group of people reenacting the famous painting by Emanuel Leutze of George Washington crossing the Delaware. I was gathering many people together for a photo shoot so that I would have reference pictures to recreate a contemporary version of the painting. In the dream, I was going out into the streets, which seemed to be chaotic, to get two young Christian men to get into the boat so that I could complete the photo shoot. But these young Christian men were wounded. They'd been shot and they were bleeding. I was astounded, however, that despite their wounds, they came with me and got into the boat, blood and all. We successfully reenacted the painting.

(Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze)

When I woke up from the dream, I had the sense that it must have been a dream about the election. As I said, the dream happened before the election--October 19th, 2020. But I was absolutely amazed when I later found out that this date, October 19th was a very important date in our nation's history: it is the day the Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown! This victory was the decisive battle that led us to win the Revolutionary War! Now, I am not a history buff--in fact I was sort of terrible at remembering key dates and facts in college. But God knows it all! And I believe that He gave me this dream on that date for a very important reason.

We are in the middle of stealth war with China. It is a type of Revolution. Biden represents the establishment and those who are easily bought out by global super powers and do not have our country's best interest at heart. Trump is not the establishment, and that is why he is under so much attack. With the election voter fraud, it may seem that we are in a perilous moment--and I think in many ways this is true. But I firmly believe God has good plans for America and that He will not allow us to be overtaken by a nefarious Communist agenda. Like the young Christian men in my dream who were shot, there are many in the Body of Christ who have given up hope and there are even Christian leaders who are acknowledging Biden as our next president. But I believe that my dream points to the victory of Trump. Biden, the former senator of Delaware will be crossed over by Trump.

So in obedience to God, as a prophetic act of prayer, I am making the painting from my dream. God has directed me to put the archangel Michael in the sky carrying the scales of justice. I have painted the spirit of Trump with his face set like a flint towards the archangel Michael. It is a prayer for Trump to remain steadfast and to fix His eyes upon God and His plans. I believe Trump will cross over the Delaware, but we must keep praying, we must help row the boat.

Here is a closeup of the painting I'm making. Last night I painted in Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood. General Flynn is by the flag. Trump is in the sky next to Washington. I still have to paint Sidney Powell (next to Giuliani) and Jenna Ellis (next to Flynn). I have put Dutch Sheets (who has been so faithful to lead Christians to pray every single day) right underneath Trump, next to Giuliani and Washington. Near him, is Brandon Tatum. And under the Appeal to Heaven flag is Bevelyn Beatty and Candace Owens. I have put everyday people in the boat to symbolize all the unknown Christians who are praying for our nation. Please know that your voice matters. As we stand together in faith to pray and decree God's Kingdom come and His will be done, heaven moves on our behalf.

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