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TEACHING EXPERIENCE and Art related work


ETB Music and Fine Arts at the Madcap Education Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

2021-Present.  Art Instructor for children, teens and adults in Painting and Drawing

Thomas More College, Crestview Hills, KY


2011-2014 Full-time Faculty in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking 

-Courses taught include: Drawing 1 & 2, Figure Drawing, Portrait Drawing, Senior Seminar,  

  Watercolor, Printmaking, and all levels of Painting (oils)

-Responsible for all aspects of curriculum and grading

-Advisor to other studio faculty in course planning for 2D and 3D Design, Senior Seminar

-Responsible for managing the painting, drawing, printmaking budgets

-Advisor to fine art students

-Aesthetics Committee Chair

-Developed and Managed an Apprenticeship program for students to do co-ops with  

  professional artists


2009-2011 Half-time Faculty in Drawing, 2D and 3D Foundations, Painting, Printmaking

2005-07 Gallery Director

2006-08 Adjunct Faculty in Printmaking and Figure Drawing

Responsible for all aspects of curriculum and grading


Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati, OH


2014- Adjunct Faculty in Drawing


2004-09 Adjunct Faculty in Drawing:

Drawing I - 5 semesters

Drawing 2 - 5 semesters

Advanced Drawing -1 semester

Figure Drawing - 4 semesters

Participated with all Drawing faculty in collaborative design of Drawing 1 and 2 projects, 

sequencing, content, outcomes


Miami University, Oxford, OH

2003-04 Adjunct Faculty: sabbatical replacement for Ellen Price  

Intro to Printmaking - 2 semesters

Independent Study instructor in Printmaking - 1 semester

Drawing I - 1 semester

Responsible for all aspects of curriculum and grading


2001-03 Grad Assistant:

Print Lab technician and slide library work; guest teaching in 2-D and 3-D Design

Teaching Assistant in Intro and Advanced Printmaking and Drawing I

Instructor of Record in Drawing 1


Art on Symmes, Fairfield, OH

2003-05 Art instructor in various eight week courses, on-going courses, and workshops

2003-05 -Drawing Plus, an on-going drawing course in varied media for adults

2003-04 -Altered Book workshops, two eight week courses

2004 -Beginning Drawing, drawing in varied media for children, two eight week courses

2004 -Foam relief printmaking workshop, an intensive one week summer workshop

2005 -Beginning Watercolor, on-going course


Artworks (Art Opportunities), Cincinnati, OH

Artworks is a non-profit organization that promotes public arts as well as a summer job training program for children ages 14-19.

2000 Teaching Artist “The Big Little Pig Gig”, helped students paint and transform pig sculptures, as part of celebrating Cincinnati’s ‘Porkopolis’ heritage.

2001 Teaching Artist “City Seats”, helped students paint and transform park benches, which found permanent homes in schools, museums, parks, and private residences.

2004 Teaching Artist “The Freedom Project”, a blessed opportunity to work with Tim Rollins, Thom Shaw, Andrea Hill, and talented area youth on art work inspired by freedom and to also commemorate the opening of Cincinnati’s Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Work was exhibited in the Cincinnati Art Museum 23 October 2004 - 13 March 2005.

2005 Teaching Artist “Scoop City art” , a collaboration to design and paint the surface of an ice cream truck. The mission of the Scoop City project was to make the arts accessible to the people of Cincinnati. The truck distributed free ice cream, free art materials and opportunities (art zines, free & discounted tickets to museums & local theatres) late summer and fall.

2010 Lead Artist MuralWorks “A Day in the Life of Sayler Park”, co-led with Evan Hildebrandt.  A collaboration with seven apprentices and the community of Sayler Park to create a mural that celebrates the unique history and civic pride of this charming village.

Throughout my career, I have taught in a variety of settings.

For over ten years, I had the very rewarding opportunity to work as an art professor at the college level. My curriculum has included all levels of Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking; 2D & 3D Design Foundations; Figure and Portrait Drawing, Watercolor, Senior Seminar, and Senior Show preparation.   

One of the highlights of my teaching career was the opportunity of working with artists

Tim Rollins (Tim Rollins + KOS) and Thom Shaw through Artworks Cincinnati.

The experience of co-teaching young creatives with these two world-renowned artists forever shaped me as an artist and educator.  


In 2014, I left my job as a full time Assistant Professor at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky to pursue a career as a full-time artist.  I am devoted to my own studio practice and very passionate about teaching from the integrity of experience.  

I currently teach at ETB Music and Fine Arts Center, where students of all ages can learn about painting and drawing at an affordable price.  I offer college-level instruction to teens and adults, and equip young children to be more confident in their creativity.

I also teach workshops periodically, and am willing to travel.  

For inquiries about learning with me, email:

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