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The Onion has many layers

This feels like kind of a strange prophetic word to give, but I'm going to do my best to just present it to you straight, the way it came. On July 29th, I harvested our first onion of the year. Onions take a while to form, from a seed it can take around 5 months before the onion is ready to be picked! So harvesting an onion is kind of exciting. Anyhow, my husband and I were having fun in the garden and he snapped a photo of me to send to a friend of ours who happens to be from Canada. I had no idea at the time that this was a prophetic act. But stay with me for the chronology of all this and I'll get back to the significance of the onion at the end.

The next day, I was driving to my chiropractor and I was stuck in traffic. As I sat on the highway, I couldn't shake the feeling that the license plate in front of me was somehow significant. It sounds strange, I know, but God speaks in all kinds of ways. The license plate was HQU 1211. So when I got to my destination, I looked up the letters HQU to see what might come up. I discovered that HQU is the stock code for the Canadian NASDAQ 100. Shortly after that I saw a car with a personalized license plate that said CANADAS!!! What are the chances of that being a coincidence? It also happened to be Tisha B'Av in the Hebrew calendar, which is a day where some pretty intense things have happened in both Jewish and world history, such as the destruction of both temples, and the beginning of World War 1 (There are even more events you can check out here.) Tisha B'Av was 6pm July 29th through 6pm July 30th this year. So because of the significance of this day, and because of 2 back to back references to Canada, I felt like the Lord was alerting me to something to pray about.

I have to admit, with all the craziness going on in my own country right now, it's about all I can do to stay somewhat current on American news, and I often get overwhelmed by too much news and have to limit my intake. So I confess I really had no idea what was going on in Canada. I wondered if God was speaking about the state of the Canadian economy? But when I looked up the letters HQU and added also NASDAQ to my search, I saw a news article come up that immediately grabbed my attention. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was about to go under oath before Parlament to be questioned about a conflict of interest with WE charity to the tune of some 900 million dollars! You can check out the article here, and it just so happened that the article is from called! God is so specifiic! As soon as I read the article, I knew the God was directiing me to pray and intercede for Canada to have the truth revealed.

Now, the full license plate was HQU 1211, and with the HQU part solved, I couldn't help but to wonder if the numbers were also significant. As I brought this to Holy Spirit, I heard Strong's 1211. So I looked up the Strong's concordance for the number 1211 to see if perhaps it would lead me to some significant word in scripture that might be another clue. I was blown away when I discovered what it was! Remember that first onion that I harvested on the evening of the 29th, right at the beginning of Tisha B'Av? Here is where it comes full circle: Strong's 1211 in the Hebrew is בֶּצֶל batsal which means an onion!!! You can see it for yourself here. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance describes batsal as "from an unused root apparently meaning to peel; an onion".

This blew me away, and I knew it was another piece of the puzzle. So I asked the Lord, what is the onion all about with Trudeau being involved in an ethics scandal? And I heard, "like the onion, this is just one of several layers." Wow. Ok. I let that sink in. And then I had this thought: "Trudeau is connected to the Clintons." And when I searched this out, I was once again blown away. I found out that going back 8 generations, Trudeau and Hillary Rodham Clinton are actually related, they have the same great grandfather! I also found out that under Trudeau's leadership, $20 million in Canadian tax payer money was given to the Clinton foundation. You can check that out here. But as I kept looking into Trudeau, I discovered that there many possible to layers to the onion indeed, including his friendship with Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, who was caught directing an international pedophile ring. But there are others too, like Peter John Dalglish and Benjamin Levin.

But I still felt there was more that the Lord was trying to say to me . . . and then I remembered what I was listening to on my drive to chiropractor. A few weeks ago, I had a dream where the name Henrietta Mears was spoken to me. On July 28th, I had stirring to research her a bit, and found she wrote a book called 'What the Bible Is All About". I found it on Audible and downloaded it. I was listening to it on the way the chiropractor on the 30th, and had just heard the part where she talked about the Israelites complaining after they left the slavery of Egypt, simply because they didn't have access to certain foods anymore like onions!!! Well, here's the other thing that blows my mind. This is the exact reference that Strong's 1211 is referring to! Check it out for yourself, it's in the book of Numbers chapter 11 in the bible. God is very specific.

The Israelites wanted comfort and familiarity more than they wanted freedom, so much so that they were willing to go back into slavery. Are we much the same? In our desire for things to go back to normal, are we so desperate for comfort that we would be willing to sacrifice our freedoms? We are living in a time where so much is being shaken and many of the things we found comfort in are being suspended. But there are also good things being exposed in this time of shaking and sifting. So much is coming out now where true criminals are being brought to justice, especially in this heinous area of pedophilia. What if this time of shaking and discomfort is just the right scenario needed to expose the wicked? Are we willing to let go of our desire for comfort and remain steadfast in prayer to see the wicked exposed, to see the swamp drained?

As Christians we get to partner with God to pray for His will to be done and His Kingdom to come. Lord, let us not grow weary in prayer. Father God, I pray for the layers of the onion of Trudeau and all of his affiliates to be peeled back and exposed. Shine Your Light over Cananda, God. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God that You would expose every level of corruption and persecution of the innocent in the United States and Canada. Let all government corruption in Canada and the United States be exposed, in Jesus's name.

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