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Moab and Redemption

Updated: May 8, 2020

As a Christian, I am constantly seeking intimacy with my Creator. As with any relationship, an integral art of this intimacy is spending time listening. For me, this often looks like spending quiet time in the mornings with my coffee, bible, journal and an anticipation that God is going to speak to me through His Word. This was the case for me last Friday. Even though I didn't fully understand it, God was revealing something prophetic to me. But before I explain what happened, let me back up the truck a bit.

Over the last couple weeks, I kept noticing a pattern that in various settings, the prophet Samuel would come up. Samuel came into my mind as a thought. Then I would run across a random teaching in my youtube feed that mentioned Samuel, and then scripture from Samuel began to show up in my devotional. When something happens 2-3 times, it starts to leave the realm of coincidence for me, and I begin to sense that God is trying to get my attention. (To be honest, I actually don't really believe in coincidences.)

So last Friday, April 20th, I decided to yield to this unction to read Samuel. It had been a few years since I'd read it, and that day I read the first chapter. Chapter 1: Samuel's mother, Hannah is barren. She is in the temple pouring her heart out to the Lord, asking Him to make her a mother. The temple priest, Eli sees her praying, moving her lips with no sound coming out. He thinks she is drunk, but she assures him that she is not; rather, she is passionately petitioning God to answer her prayers. So Eli blesses her, that God would grant her petition. God hears Hannah's prayer. She conceives a child and names him Samuel, and he would become a great prophet with a sensitive ear for God. Samuel anointed Saul and then David to be king of Israel.

Painting of Hannah praying by Vasili Petrovich Vereshchagin

My bible is the Amplified Classic translation. It's great. It was a gift from my mother in law 13 years ago that I will always cherish. I love the way this translation digs into the context of the original languages. In that particular verse where Eli accuses Hannah that she is drunk, there is a cross reference to a scripture from Genesis 19. I don't always look up the cross references when I read the bible, but that day, I felt I should. I was sort of shocked and grossed out that the cross reference was the part of the bible where Lot's daughters make a plan to get their father drunk and sleep with him in order to preserve their family line. They lost their mother and their fiancés in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and in desperation, they seek to preserve their bloodline through incest. Both daughters have a child by their father (Genesis 19:3-38). The eldest daughter names the child Moab, which means 'of my father'. This is the beginning of the Moabite race in the bible. The other daughter had a child who would become the Ammonite race in the bible. Needless to say, because these races were birthed out of severe dysfunction, there would be continued conflicting issues between the Israelites and the Moabites and Ammonites throughout the bible, but that is a subject for another time.

The Mountains of Moab and the River Arnon

That day, as I read the cross reference, I wasn't entirely sure that the beginning of the Moabite race was something significant to pay attention to until Sunday night. I was on Instagram, and I noticed that two of my former students were in Moab, Utah. Hmmm . . . that's curious, I thought. I confess I didn't even know there was a place called Moab in Utah.

Moab, Utah

Then later that same night, my husband informs me that QAnon had just posted something about MOAB. For those of you who don't know, QAnon is someone most likely working within the government who is a truth leaker. Q releases cryptic riddles that predict national and world events. Because of Q's track record for accuracy, Q is starting to get attention even in mainstream news. Now, I confess that sometimes I get overwhelmed by the news, and I go on long stints of not paying attention to it. But my husband is pretty faithful about keeping up with things. And when he said that Q released a post about MOAB, I knew I needed to pay attention. This was the third time Moab came up in only 3 days! I began to wonder what God was saying. It did not seem like a coincidence that I would be led to this part of the bible on April 20th and then Q would release a post about MOAB on April 21st. God has revealed things to me before about world events before they happen, and to be honest, in the past it scared me. But I am in a place now where I want to be brave and steward His revelations with faith and wisdom.

So I decided to do some research and get up to speed on what Q was referring to when he used the term MOAB. It is most likely an acronym for the mother of all bombs, meaning that an information bomb is about to be dropped. There are several things that Q mentioned that are about to come into the light. They are issues of justice. One of them has to do with the murder of Seth Rich (a former DNC employee), and the issues between the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and Trump about Russian collusion and the possible interference with the election of 2016. Another issue has to do with the recent arrest of actress Allison Mack. This is straight from Wikipedia: "In 2018, Mack gained publicity as one of the top-ranking members of NXIVM, a group accused of engaging in blackmail, sex trafficking and forced labor, for which it has garnered accusations by some experts of being a cult. On April 20, 2018, Mack was arrested by the FBI on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy."

There are several issues at play within the MOAB, and there is a lot I could say about what Q is referring to; these are only a couple of the things that Q mentioned as part of MOAB. If you're interested in finding out more information on this, Praying Medic is a good resource to check out.

Painting of Ruth and Boaz by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

The parallel between MOAB (mother of all information bombs) and Moab is more than just a play on words. As I was researching these things, Holy Spirit brought to mind the story of Ruth and how this relates to MOAB. Ruth was a Moabite. She had a pagan background. But when she lost her Hebrew husband, she made a pivotal decision to stand by her mother in law, Naomi's, side. Even when Naomi told Ruth to stay with the Moabites, Ruth said that Naomi's people, the people of Judah, would be her people and their God her God. And she returned with Naomi to Judah. This led to Ruth meeting and marrying Boaz, and having a child with him named Obed, who would become the grandfather of King David and ancestor of Jesus Himself. Ruth's choice to stand by Naomi had cosmic consequences. Indeed, Ruth is one of the few women listed in Jesus's genealogy.

The parallel is this: God can take the things that are sinful and corrupt and bring about justice. He can turn them around for good. The Moabites came from a background of sexual sin. But one heroic Moabite, Ruth, ended up taking a stand in the pursuit of the the love for her family and the God of her family. As we choose God, like Ruth chose Naomi and the Most High God, we can play a part in turning things around for good. I believe that as we intercede in prayer for justice, truth, redemption and restoration for our country, that we are asking for God's kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let's pray for this information bomb Q is referring to as MOAB to come forth according to God's timing and will. Please join me in prayer that the deep state is exposed, that all corruption in the government and Hollywood is brought into the light and justice and redemption follow.

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