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I just finished this painting,"Liberty and Justice For All."  It has been a visual prayer for America as I've created it.

 I started this painting of the flag in the park near my home last year before my dad died.  I was in a time of deep contemplation over the transience of life; how fleeting it is, and how important it is to be grateful and to not miss all that is good and beautiful in my everyday world.  This is, I believe, a timely message for the season we are living in.  Since the lock down of covid-19, many of us have sought refuge in parks such as this one. Parks have become sanctuaries of beauty, rest, an escape from the barrage of news and the fear we have battled with during this quarantine.

It has been during this time of quarantine, that I picked my brushes back up again, and decided to finish this painting. Many days as I worked on it, I found myself praying for our country, praying for healing in the bodies and souls of Americans. I had finished painting the flag before the trees, and so I would often stop painting, put my finger on the flag, and pray for our country. As I did this, I could feel why the flag is such a powerful emblem for the American ideals of freedom, the ideals that founded this country.  The timing is right for America to be reminded of its roots. 

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We are all drawn to beauty. 

There's something about it that we find healing and restorative. 

As an artist, I am an unabashed lover of beauty. 

And yet like many people, there is also a part of me that is seeking to make sense of life's challenges and difficulties. 


Historically, art has been a way for human beings to take what can be challenging and turn it into a thing of beauty.  

That is why I adore harrowing, triumphant tales that are full of hope and courage in the face of difficulty.


Whether my subject is a flower that is beautiful today and fades tomorrow, the quiet dignity of the human form, or the fierce majesty of the seven seas, I am approaching my art as a way to celebrate the beauty of hope in the face of life's challenges.   


My desire for my viewers and collectors is that my art would inspire you to savor and celebrate the beauty of the life you've been given. 

Works can be viewed in person at my studio.  

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