Recently, I have set up a new studio and classroom in my home!  This is an intimate learning environment where you will receive a lot of encouragement and attention, as group classes are typically only 3-6 students.  It is an inspiring place to learn, where you'll get to go behind the scenes and see what I'm currently working on as well as look at art all over the house!    I'm now accepting students on Mondays and Thursdays 2-8pm for weekly Painting and Drawing Lessons.   See the drop down menu for more information, or contact me with your specific interests and artistic needs:

I'm also teaching group parties of 3-8 people for 'Painting with the Classics', where you can bring your favorite snack and beverage and unwind while you learn how to paint like the Impressionists and artists from long ago.  You'll take a trip inside the artist's mind while I teach you about what inspired artists like Monet and Van Gogh as well as how to mix colors.  This is a fun and no-pressure way to learn a little bit about painting and art history, all while you socialize and enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.  


For many artists, the relationship between art and fear is a very real one.  If artists are not living consciously, fear can show up as perfectionism and procrastination, preventing them from ever finishing a project even starting one.  Fear can be a thief that steals creativity and productivity.  


While developing an apprenticeship program at Thomas More College, where students would work as assistants to practicing professional artists, I decided to do a pilot of the program with three of my students.  I invited them into my studio and shared my working methods and my life with them.  

My husband and I made them dinner and we sat around our table talking about what life would look like if they faced their individual fears and lived from a place of hope and love.   They learned what it takes to create a large scale conceptual piece of art and prepare for an exhibition. Through this experience, they saw firsthand what being an artist was like.  It was an amazing experience for both the students and me; we learned so much from each other.  And we made work that was all at once authentic, ambitious, dynamic and brave.